Travelogue 2023


Travelogue time! (2017, 2018, 2019, 2022) Escapism is my lifeline. The coolest thing was going back to Toronto - first time since 2001! (gasp!) ... and to fall in love with Montréal. And Milan! The latter was against all odds - crazy rainy stormy weather and no expectations, really. But that's how life works, right!? Also - big love to all the wonderful people who have been part of my travels this year <3 

Toronto, Canada

Niagara, Canada

Bracebridge, Canada

Ottawa, Canada

Montréal, Canada

Helsinki, Finland (my forever second home)

Porkkala, Finland

Chișinău, Moldova

Como, Italy

Milan, Italy

Bergamo, Italy

Riga, Latvia

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Keith Haring <3)

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