Travelogue 2017


Here's a round up of cities, towns and villages I visited outside Estonia in 2017. In some I spent couple of hours, in some weeks, some I visited more than once and some for the very first time ever. However, no matter how short the visit or limited free time there was always a moment or two for some photos. You know for those days in very distant future when I've got bunny slippers and Alzheimer's and I am in some fancy sunny retirement home. Because as an avid photography lover I always say (no, I don't) that if there's no photo, it didn't happen. Here's to year 2017 that showed me new places and new faces! As Bruno Mars would put it: hashtag blessed. (ahem...Christmas cookies, anyone?!)

Madrid, Spain
New York, USA
Alicante, Spain
Altea, Spain
Strabane, Northern Ireland
Derry, Northern Ireland
Rossnowlagh, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Helsinki, Finland
Espoo, Finland
Oostende, Belgium
Knokke Heist, Belgium
De Haan, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Vilnius, Lithuania
Humlebaek, Denmark
Copenhagen, Denmark
Oslo, Norway

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