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Roadside Yosemite

The in-between shots, the ones taken on the road from point A to point B have been growing on me. Like the shots here - they should be deleted, because they look nothing like the ones Ansel Adams took :) (that there was a massive multilayered photography nerd joke, m'kay) 

Crammed in a bus with all the other tourists. But making all the essential photo-stops (I will share those photos as well), because everyone is on Instagram. Blessed be!

One day in October 2019. One day in Yosemite National Park. I have lived my iMac's desktop pictures! Could this be enough? 


Centro Niemeyer

In Avil├ęs, Spain. Summer 2019. So damn photogenic.


#3 World

Home is one of the reflections of individual worlds. Here's mine in 2014
World. A world. The world. A wor(l)d of many meanings, shapes and sizes. This is not about Mother Earth nor the Universe. This is about the many worlds that could form the one common world that covers the Earth or sky rockets on its many levels through the Universe. Maybe so. But more likely it’s a spur of the moment reflection triggered by the feeling of gratitude - the immense gratitude I felt when watching a film. A gratitude that there are people out there who manage to share their worlds with the rest of us - the anonymous audience all over the Globe. The feeling of inclusion, realisation and wonder. 

So, this is about the world of an individual. But a world that can have a strong spillover effect. A person’s world can be experienced foremost through words and images, smells and sounds. Books, music, films, visual art. But also small cafes and storefronts for example. And very public work space - I once took a bus where the driver had filled the bus with small quotes and photos. This was probably one of the best bus rides I have taken. I am a voyeur. I love getting a sense of other people’s worlds. And it’s a combination of skill and bravery to share one’s world with others, especially if those others are unknown. 

Modern world has accelerated the chain reaction of small individual worlds. If you step into someone’s world then there is a high chance that they’re connected to equally fascinating worlds. From a beloved film director’s Instagram story I reached some music I instantly liked. Spreading our worlds can be intentional (e.g. social media) and less so (e.g. just being ourselves and choosing a painting for the office wall). There are no rules, it’s a personal choice. It’s partially like curating ourselves, how we are seen. 

The biggest pitfall not being under or over sharing, but plastering one’s world with cheap materials and decorations that are there to leave the “right impression”. Sooner or later the walls come crumbling down and can leave the once fascinating individual world and its owner covered in dull dust. 

Like Mother Earth, the Universe, the one and only, all worlds can at times come overwhelming. The flood of worlds on social media… sometimes I stop and consume my own worlds on different platforms, like playing Animal Crossing. A world that I can control. (Ah, the sweet illusion of control!) Perhaps I am addicted to the world(s). 

Based on our own worlds we perceive other worlds differently. Two readers can be left with contrasting sensations when finishing the same book. So despite the “reviews” we hear it is essential to step into the unknown and observe the worlds new to us. But foremost - be aware that there is no one world. It’s a whole lotta worlds out there. In my mind the Earth is one big Lego miracle - made of seemingly countless amount of small pieces that on a good day snuggly fit together.



Ghent, Belgium