Travelogue 2018


In the vein of 2017 I am gonna have a quick look back at 2018. Towns I have passed through, had a coffee or two in, spent a night, fell in love with... places I visited outside Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. In chronological order. Because I am partially the places I visit. They leave their mark.

Brussels, Belgium
Staten Island, New York, USA
Sheffield, UK
Liverpool, UK
Manchester, UK
Tuusula, Finland
Salo, Finland
Tampere, Finland
Lappeenranta, Finland
Lahti, Finland
Tivoli, Italy
Termoli, Italy
Vieste, Italy
Trani, Italy
Casalabate, Italy
Alberobello, Italy
Martina Franca, Italy
Ostuni, Italy
Otranto, Italy
Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy
Gallipoli, Italy
Lecce, Italy
Mänttä, Finland

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