About 2023


A very fluffy bun from a Chinese bakery in Montréal - cool as 2023

I have this underlying feeling that one of the most exciting things about 2023 might be 2024. Not to undermine 2023 in any way... and as not to get ahead of ourselves (ah, hello there multiple personalities; what's with the plural talk, eh) let's look back at 2023. My annual version of the gratitude journal, the public version. (2015, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)


  • HARRY STYLES LOVE ON TOUR at Johan Cruijff Arena on 5 June (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Wet Leg being on tour with Harry 
  • boygenius live at Budweiser Stage on 21 June (Toronto, Canada) - their energy and vibes <3
  • Broken Social Scene live at Budweiser Stage on 21 June (Toronto, Canada) - here's to a new love story! 
  • The Bad Tones live at M/Darbnīca on 24 Feb (Riga, Latvia)
  • The Ballroom Thieves at Casa Del Popolo on 29 June (Montréal, Canada) ps. They have a song called "Harry Styles" x)
  • Blur at Flow Festival (Helsinki, Finland) - on my bucket list since the turn of millennium if not before, like you know that other century back in the olden days; so much love.
  • Moderat at Flow Festival 
  • Caroline Polachek at Flow Festival
  • When it comes to listening to music on Spotify and places (like you know, vinyl and CDs) - honestly, it has been a lot of Taylor Swift. And bunch of Harry Styles. And then some others. Pretty much re-living 2022. 



  • Barbie - bc Ryan Gosling was bloody born for his role as Ken <3


  • Brunch at Mariankatu 18 (Helsinki, Finland) - like it's magic!
  • Saw a real live groundhog first time in my life! (in a park in Montréal, Canada; had to google what that random beast might be, haha)
  • Oh and CAPYBARAS - saw several of them! In Montréal and Toronto. Like living my best life, for realsies. 
  • Open House visit to Arter - hanging out on (skyscraper) construction sites is just awesome. 
  • First time ever tried printmaking. Lino cutting can be very soothing...
  • Micamera photo book store in Milan, Italy - it's like a candy store for the likes of me <3
  • Duomo di Milano - one of those all the hype places that prove to be worth it, instant love.
  • Campari in all ways possible - from spritz to negroni to whatnot. Milan lifestyle fits me like a glove ;)
  • Monumental Cemetery in Milan, Italy - such a gem <3 Best All Saints Day walk. 

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