Travelogue 2019


As per travelogue tradition (see 2017 and 2018) here we go in chronological order. This year I have been the furtherest from home so far - close to 9000 km in one flight. Yet I felt more at home in San Francisco than I have been feeling at some more local hoods. Geographical distance is just that - kilometres. Speaking of home - I also returned to my beloved Madrid and discovered some of Northern Spain (I am such a northerner ;)). Rest assured mountains and ocean are my absolute favourites. It's like ocean is the liquid mountain range. Last, but not least, I would like to thank everyone who shared their home and time with me during those travels! Ho(s)tels are fine, but it also extremely nice to sleep on a friend's sofa now and then and get all the inside scoop. :)

Krakow, Poland

Glendalough, Ireland 

Powerscourt Gardens, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Madrid, Spain

Ichnite route, Spain

Rioja, Spain

Santoña, Spain

Arredondo, Spain

Vega de Pas, Spain

Santander, Spain

Comillas, Spain

Llanes, Spain

Oviedo, Spain

Aviles, Spain

Salinas, Spain

Covadonga, Spain

Lebeña, Spain

Picos de Europa, Spain

Valley of the Fallen, Spain

San Francisco, CA, USA

Oakville, CA, USA

Yosemite National Park, CA, USA

Berkeley, CA, USA

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, CA, USA

Monterey, CA, USA

Bird Rock, CA, USA

Lone Cypress, CA, USA

Pebble Beach, CA, USA

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, USA

Fruitvale, Oakland, CA, USA

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