So, let's be clear a) I have a good vibes thing going on with Steinbeck and b) I saw a bunch of cool creatures without visiting the aquarium - a whale, sea otters, sea lions, pelicans and many other birds. I don't care for the extremely touristy vibe, but I care for a and b. Plus my new vintage green leather purse (the most hippie handbag I own now,  I suppose).

I mean, California is my jam. I so don't wanna admit it 'cos in I had imagined myself being all East Coast type... I wonder why?! There's no reason. Of course in all honesty I am a Northern European with Eastern European vibes who cannot say no to sunshine and enjoys practicing her Spanish (and underline how she used to live in Madrid). In case labelling is a thing. Well it surely must have been at sardine canneries, haha.. ha?! (I should be a comedian... eee.)

And I so love the "mess" sunshine creates in photos. I let it. It's intentional mess. Sorry, (photo) purists, not sorry.

Two hours. I also bought a miniature rubber chicken. Take me back to the ocean! (Side note: massive amount of different birds taking over the rocks; possibly not visible at all in those small photos.)

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