Travelogue 2022


Sometimes you might not be aware that you're not fully breathing until someone removes the boot from your neck. So the moment I found myself at an airport in spring 2022 having booked my own flights, my own hotel and just going for a holiday... I realised that my breath had been stuck somewhere inside for a while now. (Side note: I did travel by plane in Autumn 2021, but "playing it safe" - one of those package holidays through a travel agency, so you know - they would fly you home if things go astray.) Anyways, not having planned any real holidays for a while and all that, it felt shaky at first, but the very best in the end. Traveling is part of my ecosystem. It balances me out, it keeps me sane(ish). So here we go... 

Venice, Italy

Firenze, Italy

Gozo, Malta

Ir-Rabat, Malta

Mdina, Malta

Sliema, Malta

Mellieha, Malta

Popeye Village, Malta

Floriana, Malta

The Three Cities, Malta

St. Julians, Malta

Tarxien, Malta

Marsaxlokk, Malta

Valletta, Malta

Riga, Latvia

Vilnius, Lithuania

Berlin, Germany

Chisinau, Moldova

Helsinki, Finland

Tampere, Finland

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