Time Out Sunday


I've been talking about rolodex lately. Or more like: it's this thingie that sounds like Rolex. I just feel like I need to note that down. (Alternate career choice vol million: run a vintage office supply shoppe) In other news I kicked off my Sunday all wrapped up in a blanket reading this book. Weekend best spent. 

I have stumbled upon a lot of old photos (I mean, they don't feel old, but you know, still taken like 11 years ago and stuff... just like yesterday and another lifetime altogether). This must be one of my first Instagram photos. A plastic solider that had appeared on top of the mailboxes at my home in Madrid. And as I am in the painstaking process of re-arranging storage and back ups and all that (and I have many photos files, like maaaany) I am somehow glad I haven't been as avid deleter as I had wished for. I love the random finds. 

This must be one of the first concert photos I posed on Instagram in 2012. Vetusta Morla at Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, Madrid. One of my very favourite gigs ever <3 (and I didn't even know the songs back then)

Ps. I used to think that if would be awesome to add music to photos. Of course in a more tangible way, like a light box with an image and sound. Because you know, it was the olden days back then. But now Instagram has sorta done it for me. Is this how dreams come true? Like you have forgotten all about them, but they show up in their own particular way - less glamorous, yet serving the purpose... 

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