Time Out Sunday


Dismantling a Xmas tree sounds weird. Like. Especially if you have been raised on all natural trees. But my fake white tree (bc if it's fake why should it try to look "real" i.e. green) is sorta adorable. And it makes sense. I took it apart, squeezed it into a box and returned the box into the dark damp basement (where I realised that my bike seat is probably slightly covered in mold; then again I don't see myself biking in Tallinn anyways). Stuffing a storage box with decorations. That all feels like dismantling... dismantling a holiday.

Spotify has a karaoke mode! I am late to the party, I know. But here I am now and loving it. Goes well with endless rain (that I love, for time the being). Maybe I can learn some new lyrics this way. (ah, she hopes in vain) Through the endless rain I walked to Kumu and was baffled how crowded it was (outside the teamLab exhibition that is; the latter I'd expected to draw crowds; good thing I saw it all the way back in 2022 :)). So I sat down at this empty "movie theatre" just when Romanian Kiosk Company film by Mircea Nicolae began. Kismet. Not the chocolate, but that thing they call fate. Absolutely loved it. Part of the Archaeologists of Memory exhibition on display until 9 April. 

Ps. Speaking of Kismet (the chocolate bar now) - reminds me how I went on a tour at Fazer chocolate factory and they let you eat as much candy as you want, but no drinks, no water. That was very little candy. 

Ps. Ps. First and last pic from Kumu courtyard. The reflective qualities of wet concrete! The middle one from the dismantled holiday.

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