Fort Point


Why go over when you can go under. (Says no-one ever?) And for free! So, the very first thing I did in San Francisco was visiting Fort Point National Historic Site under the Golden Gate Bridge. Conveniently so they had a guided photo tour on Saturday morning and in my jet-lagged wonderfulness I also learned some things about San Francisco and California as well as got some nice photos, including the touristic "musts".

Considering how many people snap selfies near the bridge I was baffled to learn that I was the only person at the (free!) tour. All in all Fort Point wasn't very crowded. To be fair getting there did including climbing through a tunnel I would under normal circumstance avoid as it looked like it will take one to forbidden lands and I wasn't wearing my fight face (say what?!). :)

I am extremely pleased when I manage to do something seemingly very local while being a tourist to the max. The bus I took to Fort Point was foremost filled with men going fishing and weekend hikers. Several of whom knew each other as they take the same bus every Saturday morning. 

 Side note: some serious Spanish vibes under those arches. Not surprisingly.

All at sea. Not at all. (:

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