I wrote several paragraphs for my Carmel-by-the-Sea update over the past week. I got so carried away that some of the text was actually about Monterey. Human mind, so reliable. :) So, here I am binding those fragments together. Carmel was all cute and it had the ocean. I love the ocean. I am biased to places where all mighty ocean hits the shores. I'm all like... a surfer and a magic maker inside. (Let's take a moment here to appreciate the irony. I mean, I am also terrified of speed and unpredictability.)

However, on that day in Carmel I also learned that I am not interested in a fairy tale life. Not even spending a longer holiday. Maybe I shouldn't say it out loud. I mean now people can shove it to my face - you rejected the magic and asked for the mundane, deal with it, don't complain. (And I am kinda totally into complaining.)

Tourists. Tourists. Tourists. All those European vibes. How unfair is that. I mean, after all, it is us Europeans who settled there. So why do I complain (ha!)?! It looked like some distorted version of German cottages and French riviera, where I have not been; but I have this compelling illusion what it must be like. But okay, if you prefer - just like Belgian Northern coast packed with holiday apartments and cottages. I have been there, solid argument (I am laughing at my own jokes here, ahem).

Why do I think that the man I saw in some other small town with weathered face and a bright red beanie was somehow more real than those people there enjoying their all American (e.g. Kate Spade) shopping in a make believe fairy tale town?! Or why do I think that shopping should be done in a different town surrounded by different buildings? Or is it really that I would prefer my car being smaller than my house? That's for me and my alter egos to debate over under different circumstances in another time. (Our conversations hardly ever run dry.)  

Yet, I took many photos. Too many photos of something I claim I have no real interest in. The joke, it might be on me. (Wouldn't have it any other way.)

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