Hello, summer!


A long weekend in Riga - only appropriate to mark 20 years (gasp!) since I fell in love with this place. I don't visit often enough. That much is obvious. Then again, these days this might be my southern destination for a while and I am not complaining, not at all!

I am such an art nouveau addict. Like, I think I might have been one of those people who came up with the designs, because they totally represent how I feel most of the time - fabulous, yet not impressed by humanity ;D It's like my favourite GIFs in stone. (I did not just make that comparison, jeez.)

And as far as obsessions go... no, I am not obsessed with colour matching cars and buildings, I am just curious - do people subconsciously buy cars that match their homes?!

Getting back to my art nouveau days (I was this dapper creator in past life, m'kay) then obviously already back in the days it was clear that the future is now! (har-har)

I also have a cat photo. You know, to be on the good side with social media gods. Purr.

Maybe, after all, I have traveled in time. My 16 year old self would be totally proud that I still get excited about Riga and hearing that voice melts my heart. This all is like a big comfort blanket. And so much cosier than daily thoughts about most everything.
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