Time Out Sunday


Two books I have read recently. The top one included (among other things) a conversation on democracy and images, out of time, with Walt Whitman, George Eastman, and Paul Virilio. That's like one of my favourite things now. The other book is from 1994 and probably the first "text-book" (not sure about the quotation marks here) about pop music I have ever read. Pop music has raised me, so it was kinda fun to look at it from another angle than that teen-popper (is that a thing? was I ever that really?!). Who and why and when (etc) wrote a song, produced a music video, wrote a review, took a photo, published a newspaper etc. It's all that we shall always consider. (In the age where digital literacy is so widely discussed it's good to remember it's nothing new... people have gained from critical thinking skills long before modern technology :)

And one more thing. I used to be the kind of person who removes all price tags right away, but I am glad I haven't been doing it 100%. Turns out that sometimes I absolutely adore small reminders of past travels . Strand in 2016. My kind of souvenir. That kind of souvenir that is not a rubbery made in China Statue of Liberty (okay, I have that, too, as always - the joke is on me).

In other news I have seen more baby birds this spring than ever before and while doing so also discovered this cool song:

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