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Week 4: Headshot

I am out of words (true story) to describe how excited I have been about this week's assignment. Foremost, because I actually found someone who agreed to model for me and then agreed to sharing the shots publicly. Thank you so very much, my dear friend! And also (obviously), because I am loving the final result.

To me photographing people is the hardest. I am hardly ever content, because getting pretty, but fake look is easy; but getting genuine is so very complicated if not impossible at times.

However, perhaps complicated is good, because these headshots (using the the term "headshot" loosely here) have more "me" in them than some photos I have taken of myself. Or of my surroundings.

So what can I say, challenge accepted - here's to shooting more portraits!

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.

Week 3: Red

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.


Week 2: Traditional Landscape

Landscape came to me! True story. And while I share it as traditional landscape then there was nothing traditional about it. White fields covered in snow, sunshine and some fog - magic alright.

I had planned on catching up on some reading during my two and half hours on a bus and perhaps some sleeping and possibly music listening. However, life had other plans and there I was glued to the window thinking this possibly cannot be for real. It felt kinda nice (read: extra-super-dooper-exciting) to be in this cold and ever so often rather dark part of the world.

So those are action landscape shots. I didn't really get to choose an angle or anything.

Always get a window seat!

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.


I have been sitting here trying to chew my hands off, but I don't think eating chocolate makes them taste like chocolate at all. I had solid logic backing up this endeavour: allegedly seal meat tastes like fish 'cos seals eat fish, so me eating chocolate could mean only one thing... not true (though it's somewhat a relief that I am obviously not a seal)!

So here I am with my my ten fingers typing something on the cheesy side of the world (not the Moon, which is in its entirety is made of cheese). Can't help, but think that the passing of David Bowie was the most life affirming death of a public figure. Social media feeds have been filling up with so many positive stories, it is somewhat mind blowing how he managed to play a role in the lives of so many different people. One does not have to be universal to have a massive impact and somehow that makes me believe that there's a hope for a better brighter future ahead.

(Un)related I am sharing some photos from a warm November night walk on Manhattan. You can find more on Flickr.


Week 1: Self-portrait

It's not what you shoot, it's that you shoot. Yes, that sounds like rubbish, but is it really... Because in the end practice might not make perfect, but it surely cannot hurt either. So I "signed up" for some compulsory photography tasks on weekly basis - Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge. If nothing else then it's a good kick in the rear end to shoot even when nothing seemingly exciting is happening. Like taking down holiday decorations on a Sunday morning (somehow putting up decorations is much more fun).  

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.



- Did you go to Yale because of "Gilmore Girls"?
- YES!

Reasons to leave NYC on Saturday (when you're not living there, but just visiting)? None.

However, I made up some:
a) Get to board a train at Grand Central Station!
b) Take a (local) train!
c) See places outside NYC at small cost.

This must have been one of the most exciting train rides in a while (easy peasy; trains hardly go anywhere in Estonia) as I had never seen anything outside NYC in the States. So a lot of people watching and all. It was curious to see that different towns seemed to have very homogenous habitants/visitors - like passing by an endless line of isolated microcosms (one for blondes, one for brunettes, one for people with pets etc).

Fun fact. An average museum ticket in NYC costs $25. Return ticket to New Haven was around $30 and Yale University Art Gallery is for free (and it is amazing and not crowded and this photography exhibition, oh my)! (I just referred to monetary information as fun; gasp!)

However, I spent most of the scarce daylight hours wandering around Yale campus. I did spot a girl who looked like Rory. ;) However, was also baffled by the amount of sweats and crop tops around. Crop tops in November! Ha, I sound like a total granny now. Nevertheless, some people did ask me for directions, I felt so "in", teeheehee.

I went and touched old books at Sterling Memorial Library and took a moment to flip through my earlier thrift store find (I have a feeling that Jim Crane and me, we might have gotten along) at the courtyard.

I left New Haven with a Yale T-shirt and some knick knacks (incl. a bag full of random clip-on earrings) from a thrift store. Like a tourist. Like a Gilmore girl.

More photos on Flickr.

Hello 2016

"The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera." - Dorothea Lange
So it's here, it came and the sun still rises from the East! Phew. Well,  you can never be quite sure. :) I wish us all a new year that in due course would leave us having become bigger better persons in a bigger better world. Take a moment to notice things, to have a little faith and be kind!

I don't particularly believe in New Year's resolutions. I think one can make resolutions all year round. Or not make any at all. However, I do have some vague plans. I intend to undertake two 52 week projects. Perhaps I keep one for the blog and one for Instagram. We will see (I have like a whole long week to figure out the details, no need to get ahead of things). I won't be doing any 365 projects this year - mostly because I believe that I will be shooting on a daily basis anyhow and if I won't then I can revise the plans and resolutions part here.

No wait, I will make one resolution after all - shoot more instant film! There, did it. Now I can meaningfully participate in conversations about resolutions.
- "I will run a marathon/climb Mount Everest/end all wars."
- "Oh, me too... in a way. I mean, I will take!"


Any photography related New Year's resolutions on your side?