- Did you go to Yale because of "Gilmore Girls"?
- YES!

Reasons to leave NYC on Saturday (when you're not living there, but just visiting)? None.

However, I made up some:
a) Get to board a train at Grand Central Station!
b) Take a (local) train!
c) See places outside NYC at small cost.

This must have been one of the most exciting train rides in a while (easy peasy; trains hardly go anywhere in Estonia) as I had never seen anything outside NYC in the States. So a lot of people watching and all. It was curious to see that different towns seemed to have very homogenous habitants/visitors - like passing by an endless line of isolated microcosms (one for blondes, one for brunettes, one for people with pets etc).

Fun fact. An average museum ticket in NYC costs $25. Return ticket to New Haven was around $30 and Yale University Art Gallery is for free (and it is amazing and not crowded and this photography exhibition, oh my)! (I just referred to monetary information as fun; gasp!)

However, I spent most of the scarce daylight hours wandering around Yale campus. I did spot a girl who looked like Rory. ;) However, was also baffled by the amount of sweats and crop tops around. Crop tops in November! Ha, I sound like a total granny now. Nevertheless, some people did ask me for directions, I felt so "in", teeheehee.

I went and touched old books at Sterling Memorial Library and took a moment to flip through my earlier thrift store find (I have a feeling that Jim Crane and me, we might have gotten along) at the courtyard.

I left New Haven with a Yale T-shirt and some knick knacks (incl. a bag full of random clip-on earrings) from a thrift store. Like a tourist. Like a Gilmore girl.

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