Week 4: Headshot


I am out of words (true story) to describe how excited I have been about this week's assignment. Foremost, because I actually found someone who agreed to model for me and then agreed to sharing the shots publicly. Thank you so very much, my dear friend! And also (obviously), because I am loving the final result.

To me photographing people is the hardest. I am hardly ever content, because getting pretty, but fake look is easy; but getting genuine is so very complicated if not impossible at times.

However, perhaps complicated is good, because these headshots (using the the term "headshot" loosely here) have more "me" in them than some photos I have taken of myself. Or of my surroundings.

So what can I say, challenge accepted - here's to shooting more portraits!

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.
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