I have been sitting here trying to chew my hands off, but I don't think eating chocolate makes them taste like chocolate at all. I had solid logic backing up this endeavour: allegedly seal meat tastes like fish 'cos seals eat fish, so me eating chocolate could mean only one thing... not true (though it's somewhat a relief that I am obviously not a seal)!

So here I am with my my ten fingers typing something on the cheesy side of the world (not the Moon, which is in its entirety is made of cheese). Can't help, but think that the passing of David Bowie was the most life affirming death of a public figure. Social media feeds have been filling up with so many positive stories, it is somewhat mind blowing how he managed to play a role in the lives of so many different people. One does not have to be universal to have a massive impact and somehow that makes me believe that there's a hope for a better brighter future ahead.

(Un)related I am sharing some photos from a warm November night walk on Manhattan. You can find more on Flickr.

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