Beat Beat Beatnik


After a long long loooong time I felt like wanna spend time with my travel photos. One would think that all the time that the pandemic has "so generously" handed us would lead to doing all those time consuming things at home... but that's not how I function. And then there's the war... that consumes me 24/7 and also my social media accounts. (How is one exactly supposed to stay human under all those circumstances?!) So, here I am prescribing myself a break from the reality and time traveling to the max. Down the road to the the Beat Museum in San Francisco in 2019. To the very same bar where Kerouac had his drinks (as did I!) - Vesuvio. And buying some books from the famous City Lights Bookstore. Somehow being a tourist in SF didn't feel that touristy after all. It felt cosy.     

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