Time Out Sunday


Not long ago I came across a list of books a stranger (to me) is currently reading. The joys of Instagram life. Made me look at my bookcase only to discover that I have many (potentially) super awesome books I have never read. So, currently I am reading "Insomniac City: New York, Oliver Sacks and Me" by Bill Hayes. A book I picked up at a book store in San Francisco in 2019. There is some delight to having a home that also serves as a surprise library of sorts. Teeny tiny surprise library. Also, I am a master of/at/? tsundoku (:

First weeks weeks of 2022 have been filled with binge watching Russian TV series and discovering some adorable Russian indie bands, e.g. Hadn Dadn and Sirotkin. What could possibly beat pressing Shazam icon on your phone while watching telly?! 

Also, I have been listening to some music in French and Spanish. I choose to believe it's my brain's way of occupying itself with languages instead of idle hollow random thoughts (har har). But feels extremely comforting. And what else could one wish for while counting daylight minutes. 

And I have been making all kinds of small thingies. Crafts. Knitting, crocheting, sewing and learning about punch needling (punching is terribly enjoyable, I must say). It's all probably to have an excuse to do fun shopping at a craft store. Here's to wintery homebody weekends!

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