Time Out Sunday


I have these weird memories that springtime used to be well... um, springtime. But now it's just very cold and that's about it. I shall not complain tho. Las week I got to feel the sun on my skin, the warmth, the heat in a packed bus (somehow they still had heating on). Malta has a special place in my heart now. Traveling is the best thing ever. Correction: the thing I need to keep me sane(ish). To have a break from daily routine and hopping on a plane is the fastest way to achieve that much needed distance. (That sentence - so cringe and I know it.) Oh and well, I have found the most perfect cocktail bar. Just sayin'. 

So while I am trying not to forget that I have had a very nice sunny holiday and not all is lost there are two other things I'd like to mention. First, seems like pop music is my choice when crisis life kicks in. Totally turned to Taylor Swift in spring 2020 and now it's time for Harry Styles. Gracefully so. (Have no idea what's graceful about it all tho. Words, just words...)

Second, on a whim I made two pearl necklaces. Because I am one of those people who does have bits and bobs for making jewellery lying around. I am no Kondo. (Sometimes I purge my home of things... and then later miss some of the stuff I have "thrown out"). So yes, this is how we roll round here. On memories, crafts and YouTube delights.


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