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Most Memorable of 2018

This title is in vain. So much has gone down in 2018. Memories are bleeding into one. One could just shrug it off by stating the timeless - eh, life. I have no idea why I consider it timeless and what exactly it is supposed to tell you about my year. So I am gonna list some most memorable moments here in no particular order. Needless to say like any other year there have been many moments for jumping-dancing GIFs and a big handful of those that should come with a private screaming quarters. But since human mind is a feeble thing that can be easily manipulated I choose to focus on the first kind. Let's construct on the inspiring and positive. Here's to my carefully constructed public success! (Sarcasm, it's here, right, you can tall, surely.)

Without further ado (ah, too late for that phrase to be thrown around, you say...).
  • My very first photo exhibition! The ultimate, needless to say. Yet I say it - the ultimate! (More about it here.)
  • Moving to Helsinki. Back to the old, meeting the new. Almost nine months here and I still stand by my claim that it's the best place to live in (if one has to live in a cold dark country).
  • Cocktails for lunch (alongside food and good company). It should be more of a thing, really.
  • Getting my own museokortti - the annual ticket to all Finnish museums. I have been going to museums a lot. Like you know other people go to gym or something. Too bad my name memory isn't stellar and I absolutely fail at cultured name-dropping conversations, still. But some inspiring art has been seen. 
  • Related to the above - teamLab exhibition at Amos Rex.
  • Taking a train on water. Not literally (shocker). But when A-train leaves Manhattan for Rockaway Beach there's a strip when if you stand in the middle of the subway car you can only see water from both windows. Combined with morning sun peeking in it is totally like riding on water. (I really should have taken a video.)
  • Gigs: The National, Young Fathers, St. Vincent, Arctic Monkeys, Mikko Joensuu, M, Liima, Jaakko Eino Kalevi. 
  • Dance: The Beauty in Gray by Bryan Arias (Paul Taylor Dance Company at Lincoln Center, New York). I would like to see that again. And again. 
  • Records: 
    • Sander Mölder - TIKS 068. Most listened upbeat record, surely. 
    • Rosalía - El Mal Querer. The most unexpected as it combines musical styles I am not too often drawn to. 
    • Beach House - Teen Dream. An oldie, but found its way to my life this year. I am somehow always better with listening to music that is not brand new. Has earned its place here as I have listened to it a lot. A lot. Totally looking forward to 2019 to listen to all the 2018 best releases. ;)

Bye 2018! We shall never meet again. (Unless they change the calendar system or you know - casual time travel.)

Travelogue 2018

In the vein of 2017 I am gonna have a quick look back at 2018. Towns I have passed through, had a coffee or two in, spent a night, fell in love with... places I visited outside Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. In chronological order. Because I am partially the places I visit. They leave their mark.

Brussels, Belgium
Staten Island, New York, USA
Sheffield, UK
Liverpool, UK
Manchester, UK
Tuusula, Finland
Salo, Finland
Tampere, Finland
Lappeenranta, Finland
Lahti, Finland
Tivoli, Italy
Termoli, Italy
Vieste, Italy
Trani, Italy
Casalabate, Italy
Alberobello, Italy
Martina Franca, Italy
Ostuni, Italy
Otranto, Italy
Santa Maria di Leuca, Italy
Gallipoli, Italy
Lecce, Italy
Mänttä, Finland


New Haven

So what if what you get is not reality nor my memory of the day. But just New Haven through a dark-Friday-night-lens. Mind lens if you wish. Almost like a memory. But not quite. A mash-up. Why would I tell you that tho? Perhaps 'cos the clock is about to hit 11:11.

This is New Haven (Connecticut) on a glorious autumn day in year 2015. 


The Birthday Week

The Birthday Week. The Birthday Week!* If I were one of those people who could turn anything (I mean anything!) into a cutsie mindfulness package I would be the one who brought you the life altering notion of a birthday week. I'd have a hacienda in a sunny location and I would not be battling hibernation here. I would be the sun! But. I am not. Nevertheless I wanna tell you that having a birthday is extremely risky. Because it might a very lousy day. Like you're swamped in work, stuck at an airport, sick or just not feeling it. There might be hair stuck to your teeth.

So, I have decided that having a birthday week is a more safe option (read: more cake and presents). In the past years I have done cake sampling (one new cake every day), traveled (because I do love airports after all) and an origami challenge (or was that a Xmas thing?). The idea is to do whatever takes you fancy and not put all your eggs in one basket. This year I had a week off and no plans as such (read: no airports). So I ended up doing a lot of things I love in general and it was just fabulous - spending time with some of my favourite people, eating out (from burgers to sushi to Nepalese to cocktails for lunch), visiting museums and galleries, going to the movies (Black Nights Film Festival is a classic, really), getting a hair cut, seeing live music, dancing, getting drinks; shopping at flea markets, books stores and design fairs. Avoiding big parties ('cos I selfishly want quality time with friends, m'kay) and sleeping in. As luck has it's Finland's 101st birthday today, so post birthday week also has a little celebratory touch. Hip-hip-hooray, Finland!

Here are some of my favourite things from my birthday week I would recommend.

* It spreads into a birthday month effortlessly. Like a dream.