The Birthday Week


The Birthday Week. The Birthday Week!* If I were one of those people who could turn anything (I mean anything!) into a cutsie mindfulness package I would be the one who brought you the life altering notion of a birthday week. I'd have a hacienda in a sunny location and I would not be battling hibernation here. I would be the sun! But. I am not. Nevertheless I wanna tell you that having a birthday is extremely risky. Because it might a very lousy day. Like you're swamped in work, stuck at an airport, sick or just not feeling it. There might be hair stuck to your teeth.

So, I have decided that having a birthday week is a more safe option (read: more cake and presents). In the past years I have done cake sampling (one new cake every day), traveled (because I do love airports after all) and an origami challenge (or was that a Xmas thing?). The idea is to do whatever takes you fancy and not put all your eggs in one basket. This year I had a week off and no plans as such (read: no airports). So I ended up doing a lot of things I love in general and it was just fabulous - spending time with some of my favourite people, eating out (from burgers to sushi to Nepalese to cocktails for lunch), visiting museums and galleries, going to the movies (Black Nights Film Festival is a classic, really), getting a hair cut, seeing live music, dancing, getting drinks; shopping at flea markets, books stores and design fairs. Avoiding big parties ('cos I selfishly want quality time with friends, m'kay) and sleeping in. As luck has it's Finland's 101st birthday today, so post birthday week also has a little celebratory touch. Hip-hip-hooray, Finland!

Here are some of my favourite things from my birthday week I would recommend.

* It spreads into a birthday month effortlessly. Like a dream.

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