Dub Dub Dublin


Temple Bar 2017
In summer 2005 I stepped on the soil of Dublin for the first time. My friend and me, we had our doubts. It was a bit gloomy and rainy and there was a whole lot of puppy poo around. It did take us some time to warm up to Dublin. Having a great time at Coldplay concert (you know, back then when they were an alternative band) and good shopping at Penneys did help along. I had a CD walkman and I shot on film (not 'cos it was hip and cool, but 'cos affording a decent digital camera was waaaaay out of question). We stayed with a friend of a friend who was called Patrick (I think; or then I make it up 'cos it sounds... well, Irish; though he was not). Time before social media and messaging apps.

The Temple Bar at Temple Bar 2005
In spring 2016 and 2017 I have returned to Dublin to visit friends and family in Ireland. I have an iPod and a digital camera (still Canon tho). Oh and then one of those film cameras that was manufactured before my birth (now shooting film is hip and cool, supposing you were in doubt). I'd say Dublin has come a long way. Perhaps so have I. Every time I fall in love with this town a little bit more. Oh and they're totally tackling that puppy poo issue (all those signs!). So here are five photos from 2005 (straight out of camera, if you wish) and five photos from last week that are in a way or another depicting the same place.

St. Patrick's Cathedral 2017 (when you're too lazy to walk to the gate and try to get a photo through bars and bushes)
St. Patrick's Cathedral 2005 (it used to be one of my favourite photos...)
Stephen's Green Shopping Centre 2005 (this building always reminded me of some seaside resort hotel)
Stephen's Green Shopping Center 2017 (the first time I went inside; it's gorgeous; also, got a woollen sweater - baa!)
River Liffey and Ha'penny Bridge 2005
Ha'penny Bridge 2017
O'Connell Bridge and The Spire 2005 (see, that narrow thing in the upper right corner; it was one of my first memories of Dublin, seeing that from the bus window)
The Spire 2017 (from Mary Street)

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