Time Out Sunday


So this it. That one weekend of summer. You have to be outside! Because that's it. So yes, basically that's how life rolls round here. From woollen socks to sandals (I'm so grateful that socks in sandals is a thing tho; yes it is!).

Lately I have been googling Martin Parr, The Handmaid's Tale and things of general interest (...). Martin Parr is a pure genius (no he's not, but I am having a fan-girl moment here). I have liked his bold colourful street photos for a while, but recently I have had some moments where I was literally thinking: omg, I am inside a Martin Parr photo, it's the reality! That's a great sensation, to live in someone else's creation.

Unless that creation is something as eerie as Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale". While I had read several books by her in the past then never this one. However, with all the hype (and Rory Gilmore!) around the TV series I felt like I need to catch up. Yes, you should probably read it, too. So we can discuss power-hungry human madness over a cuppa. (ahem)

And long before all that my love for Vetusta Morla was rekindled. The best of Spanish indie rock. I love how they package their albums, art of work is not only in music... so here are some photos (I somehow ended up shooting in the darkest corner of the room on a very sunny day).

Vetusta Morla has kidnapped me alright. Like a monster. The good kind.

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