One Flag, Three Shots


The best. Choose the best. Share the best. Be the best. The bestest! Only that... how would you define the best? Can you ever? Nope. No. Not possible. So here are three shots of one flag in Boston. The best? To be fair the only three shots of that flag I have, but I was really blown (pun intended; it was a very windy day) by its size and all and I really wanna share, because sharing is caring (yes, that's what we all think when we share our breakfast photos on Instagram, har-har). The first one is the "cleanest". Nice and clear, no distractions.

The second one has those tiny bits and bobs there, head tops. And I just love them. Especially the lady on the right. I just love the "noise". So, the bestest for me (and my memories of that afternoon).

The third one has this nice motion - summer breeze in the air (just like hinted by the sign in the right corner). I can almost hear seagulls (also maybe 'cos I live in an area with many seagulls... hm).

So, like most things in this life - the best in purely subjective, don't let anyone fool you to think otherwise. One person's best is other persons worst. Et al. I can feel sinking in the swamp of clichés right about now, so I better stop. All I really wanted was to share three photos of the same flag.
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