So last year I traveled to Ireland... and Boston! Same thing. (chuckles) Not really, nope, but with its history Boston did remind me a lot of my travels to the land of green hills and sheep. Appropriately enough I have been binge watching "Rizzoli and Isles" over this holiday season (out of pure I-need-some-sofa-time + oh look they are showing this crime series on cable). Good call. Especially as I love  crime solving and recognising real life locations (oh, I have met that building/tree/cloud/lamppost in person!).

Compared to New York (the only other city I have been to in the States) Boston felt so small and cosy and European. All that based on one sunny-windy late autumn Sunday. Really harsh light creating really harsh shadows and distorting colors - so at first glance all my shots looked 'meh' (if only I had had better light!), but on a second (read: billionth) look I had hard time choosing which shots to share 'cos that light also worked some magic.

A heavy mix of old and new plus unicorns! And seaside and friends and the fact you can easily walk everywhere. Breakfast at a book store and the best (and only) lobster roll of my life! The sunshine! Oh and all the fancy schools (my-oh-my). Oh and how I love colour coordinated real estate/cars (see green door below). Totally a thing.

Here's to Boston and free oysters! (yes, Boston is kind like that ;))

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