When 2016 Becomes 2017


New York, USA, October 2016
Huh, still some hours left. Just (not quite) enough to finish a book or two or make a list of all the best things that have happened and all the best things that I hope for to happen just after the clock strikes midnight. All the goals... that I don't make! (too mainstream, you know)

Must say I made a nice round up about a year ago, it's nice to look back and be like - hey, good things were like really good (and we don't talk about the bad, so passé). Perhaps I am not that much into making lists of best of-s right now 'cos I am eager to sneak away from the computer and have some of that cake I got from a French bakery. Yet at the same time I wanna say something before the clock strikes midnight...

Get a feather hat and drink some bubbly! No matter who you are Advanced Style ladies are an inspiration. And while New York always makes everything seem more glamorous (at least on screen) then in reality one can dress up (or down or all around or...) for the show called life anywhere. I'd say that makes a pretty good life goal for now, tomorrow and all the particles of time to come!

Happy New Year! And thank you Old Year for being around, yes we remember - you were just as new 364 days ago.

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