Time Out Sunday


Cold times, hot drinks! Hot hot drinks! I am a coffee lover and a tea hoarder. Tea is one of those things that comes in billions of flavours and ever so often in cute tins - so very easy to bring back home from travels, airports or a local store. ;)

Even better when there's a story to go with the tea. For example the girl who sold me the above vanilla flavoured tea in Brussels joyfully asked if I saw the eyes of the guy in front of me in line, because he had the most amazing eyes and the girl had such a crush on him... so she had to share it with another costumer. And I totally adored her bouncy enthusiasm. It would make a great teashop love story. Maybe if I ever enter the business of holiday romantic movies. That's my plot! And I will play myself (the customer who only saw the rare end of the leading man).

We had some real sunshine and light today! How very exciting! The queen (powered by solar battery) waved and all. (she's my ultimate natural-light-o-meter)

And between royal sips of tea I have been obsessing over Frank Ocean's "Ivy". I had been eyeing the album cover of "Blonde" for some time thinking it looks so alluring (?!?), however I never listened to it until I heard a song I love-loved on one of my favourite radio programmes (here's to 180 grados on radio 3) not knowing it's from that album. So 2017 has kicked off as a Frank Ocean year for me. Musically speaking. (what else could we be talking about!?)

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