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Madrid 4ever

I took hundreds of photos (if not thousands... probably more like thousands) of Madrid over the three years spent there and perhaps the fact that I lived there makes it somehow impossible to go through them, sort them and maybe even order prints (ohyesplease). Because whenever I do so I get stuck on Memory Lane. So it's even more exciting that I will be refreshing that memory lane after two and half years - soon, very soon. Adding to the mix. Meanwhile, here's to sunny memories (and yes, it can also rain a lot there in winter, but let's forget that for a moment). Photos from March 2014.


Time Out Sunday

The Unicorn Book Club! (that does not exist) I just really wanted to show off my unicorn onesie. Oh and the books I dragged home from Brussels this week. Clearly I am all about picture books (or am I; can you trust what you see). Apart from the book above all the others came from one of my new favourite places - Pele-Mele. One of those (slightly smelly) places filled with books and records and games and whatnot.

It is extremely lovely to discover places in Brussels that are outside "the Euro bubble" (literally and less so). My other favourite place would be Botanique. Last year I caught two great photo exhibitions there - S├ębastien Van Malleghem and William Klein. This time around I was lucky enough to see Big Thief in concert - these guys are SO amazing live! Like seriously, go see them live if you get a chance! Reminded me that nothing beats a live experience - may it be music, art, ... It's okay (I tell myself) if you don't remember all the names afterwards (and your attempts at "super-intelligent" small-talk go down the drain like a high-speed train; yes it rhymes!) and perhaps don't always like what you hear and see. But I'd say the experience itself is (almost) always enriching.

On that note, here's some music Spotify suggested me and I was like yes-please-yes!


Winter at the Zoo II

Without further ado here's the follow-up to Tuesday's post. The animals of Tallinn Zoo.


Winter at the Zoo I

One of the best ideas ever! Ever! To visit Tallinn Zoo in winter, just after Christmas. I had never done that before and to my great delight there were so many active and curious birds and animals, who hadn't gotten bored with the visitors (like in summer) and some just couldn't wait to show off. Or fall off (like an adventurous snake spying on my mom). So if you happen to be one of those people who enjoys zoos then off-season is the best season!

I also had a (rather massive) crush on all the reflections on the glass (and it was one of the rare sunny days).

Usually when I go to the zoo all the birds are hatching and you can't really observe them. This time around they had been just fed and all chillin'. Also possibly trying to kidnap me. (It could be that I was being irrational.)

Tune in for more zoo-liciousness later this week!


Time Out Sunday

This is a shout out to all those people who assume things... like this lady at a bread making workshop (gasp, yes, I have been to one of those events) who said that every woman has ingredients in her fridge to make some home made beauty products. Well, I'd say a life where I don't cover my face in ketchup is a life well lived. Though maybe there's a feather for my hat (oh those city chicks!).

Absolutely totally unrelated, yet so related (so me) - the new album of The xx


Dumbo Flea

It was a very bizarre late October Sunday in New York City. Summer heat (by Estonian standards). In short sleeves and with iced coffee... I ended caught up in a thunder storm with soaking wet feet. All that in one day. From Lower Manhattan to Met Breuer to Dumbo to Williamsburg. Pit stop - Dumbo Flea. Plant trucks are the new food trucks?