Winter at the Zoo I


One of the best ideas ever! Ever! To visit Tallinn Zoo in winter, just after Christmas. I had never done that before and to my great delight there were so many active and curious birds and animals, who hadn't gotten bored with the visitors (like in summer) and some just couldn't wait to show off. Or fall off (like an adventurous snake spying on my mom). So if you happen to be one of those people who enjoys zoos then off-season is the best season!

I also had a (rather massive) crush on all the reflections on the glass (and it was one of the rare sunny days).

Usually when I go to the zoo all the birds are hatching and you can't really observe them. This time around they had been just fed and all chillin'. Also possibly trying to kidnap me. (It could be that I was being irrational.)

Tune in for more zoo-liciousness later this week!

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