Time Out Sunday


The Unicorn Book Club! (that does not exist) I just really wanted to show off my unicorn onesie. Oh and the books I dragged home from Brussels this week. Clearly I am all about picture books (or am I; can you trust what you see). Apart from the book above all the others came from one of my new favourite places - Pele-Mele. One of those (slightly smelly) places filled with books and records and games and whatnot.

It is extremely lovely to discover places in Brussels that are outside "the Euro bubble" (literally and less so). My other favourite place would be Botanique. Last year I caught two great photo exhibitions there - Sébastien Van Malleghem and William Klein. This time around I was lucky enough to see Big Thief in concert - these guys are SO amazing live! Like seriously, go see them live if you get a chance! Reminded me that nothing beats a live experience - may it be music, art, ... It's okay (I tell myself) if you don't remember all the names afterwards (and your attempts at "super-intelligent" small-talk go down the drain like a high-speed train; yes it rhymes!) and perhaps don't always like what you hear and see. But I'd say the experience itself is (almost) always enriching.

On that note, here's some music Spotify suggested me and I was like yes-please-yes!

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