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A Balloon For Your Thoughts

How to sound really brave/nuts/(un)cool? Tell people that you went to Bronx, NYC. I might be all of the aforementioned, but not because I took a stroll around couple of blocs in Bronx when visiting New York Botanical Gardens in fall 2015.

Isn't it kinda funny (not ha-ha funny) how labels once attached stick so hard to places, people, ideas... Because you know what, even Rough Guide declares most of Bronx safe for tourists.

Charming post-Halloween autumn vibe... They tell you to read the label, but sometimes it's well worth looking beyond it. (Note: not recommended when washing your delicates and woollen cosies.)


Time Out Sunday

I have this feeling that me and the Obamas would have made good friends in an alternate universe. Just check out their playlists on Spotify! (Hush, don’t tell me that some clever White House staff member compiled them. No!)

Other than that I have spent the weekend organising my books (finally making use of the custom made ex libris stamp I got from Etsy ages ago). Being home bound at times is the best thing ever plus I have all kinds of exciting books (I had forgotten about) and that illusion that you know the Obamas and me, me and the Obamas… and the beat goes on.

Whenever I stumble upon one of them articles on how photo manipulation was a thing and photos did not look realistic lightyears before Photoshop came along I clap my hands and say ‘yeah’. Like those pictorialism dudes. Have to give them some major credit for effort and being ahead of their time. ;)

This also brings me back to this surreal illusionism photographic fantasies exhibition I saw at the Finnish Museum of Photography some years ago - blimey, I wish I could get one of those masterpiece holiday cards in mail or something. My point? Reality is about as objective and subjective as those Ikea Kallax shelves in my living room. Universal. Personal. Illusionism comes in many shapes and forms and someone has to push the limits now and then, for better or for worse (all hail endless Photoshop fails).  

However, back to the Obamas - Lianne La Havas was also on the playlist (and she’s kickass; saw her live in Madrid some years ago):



Kyoto, Japan, April 2015
Psst! Sometimes we're all more alike then we'd like to admit. True story. Those boys kicking ball at a quiet street in Kyoto automatically carried me back to sunny streets in Spain where... yes, you guessed it - little boys ever so often kicked around a ball with carefree enthusiasm. Those kids thousands of miles apart totally have a common ground, a means of communication that could unite them without words. A ball. Smiles. Enthusiasm. Here's to being universal and perhaps at times imagine that we all do live in a one big happy village! (Let me be idealistic, this one time. :))

Kyoto, Japan, April 2015
Kyoto, Japan, April 2015
Kyoto, Japan, April 2015
Kyoto, Japan, April 2015


Time Out Sunday

I am proud to introduce you - Third Eye The Disco Dancer! Last weekend I spent some great busy bee yet carefree time in Helsinki. So this Sunday I try to take some time out and... do laundry! And possibly have pancakes also for dinner. Mmmmm...

Anyhow, I would like to salute Taidehalli and pop artist Mari Kasurinen for organising this awesome DIY stuffed animal workshop for grown-ups (and okay, kids too) at the Niki de Saint Phalle exhibition during Helsinki Design Week. So not only did I get to see a cool art exhibition (high five, Niki!), but I also got to destroy toys and use a hot glue gun. I am pretty convinced that all offices should have a crafts and arts corner. Just because... sometimes we all need to tear things apart and then re-constuct. Oh and some sparkles and feathers never hurt.

(Just noticed that my new flamboyant friend has lost some bits and bobs when crossing the Gulf of Finland.)
To top off time with friends and celebrations, photo exhibitions (Alec Soth at the Finnish Museum of Photography is a must if you're in the area) and oversized ice-cream cones I danced my socks off to Moderat and whoa yeah - their gig was larger than life! Such buzzing energy!



Mommy, when I grow up I wanna live in a warehouse! (said no one ever) Except I totally would. The City of Warehouses (Speicherstadt) was alluring to say the least. Here's to Hamburg, boats, world travels and red brick buildings!


Time Out Sunday

Winter is coming (nope, this never gets old in this part of the World), so I hide out more and more in dark places. Like cinema. Turns out it's super beneficial. For example from "Elevator to the Gallows" I learned: always take the stairs, always! Oh and don't leave your camera unattended (or better: never take photos). And don't kill people. Or have affairs. Basic life rules. Oh and did you know that "'S Wonderful" is both in "Funny Face" and "American in Paris"?! (Yes, you probably did and/or you don't care.)

It's been cava and waffles kind of Sunday round here. Oh and some cheese, obviously. Because you know, winter is coming. (Note to self: talk less about weather.)

Going well with the weather talk and movie inspired life wisdoms: