Time Out Sunday


I have this feeling that me and the Obamas would have made good friends in an alternate universe. Just check out their playlists on Spotify! (Hush, don’t tell me that some clever White House staff member compiled them. No!)

Other than that I have spent the weekend organising my books (finally making use of the custom made ex libris stamp I got from Etsy ages ago). Being home bound at times is the best thing ever plus I have all kinds of exciting books (I had forgotten about) and that illusion that you know the Obamas and me, me and the Obamas… and the beat goes on.

Whenever I stumble upon one of them articles on how photo manipulation was a thing and photos did not look realistic lightyears before Photoshop came along I clap my hands and say ‘yeah’. Like those pictorialism dudes. Have to give them some major credit for effort and being ahead of their time. ;)

This also brings me back to this surreal illusionism photographic fantasies exhibition I saw at the Finnish Museum of Photography some years ago - blimey, I wish I could get one of those masterpiece holiday cards in mail or something. My point? Reality is about as objective and subjective as those Ikea Kallax shelves in my living room. Universal. Personal. Illusionism comes in many shapes and forms and someone has to push the limits now and then, for better or for worse (all hail endless Photoshop fails).  

However, back to the Obamas - Lianne La Havas was also on the playlist (and she’s kickass; saw her live in Madrid some years ago):

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