In With Inspiration


There's something about Bridget Jones I can't seem to shake off. I remember reading the first book when I was 14 and loving it. No-one round here knew anything about Bridget then. The book was hilarious and relatable in a totally non-relatable way (I know, right!) and I also loved the movies. I just love all about it. Possibly Mr Darcy most of all. ;)

Not long ago I saw the third book at my friend's bookshelf and with some serious doubts decided to borrow it (and possessively photograph it later on as you can see) and while I object (in the most Hollywood laweyer-ish way!) the major plot twist (the reason I had postponed reading it) and think it's pretty inhuman then well... Yes, I still totally loved having Bridget back in da house (more like on the train and on a ferry with me). And there's a new movie coming! I mean, bring it on!

I don't think there are many things I love in my 30s (OMG) that I also loved in my teens (I am so sorry Mr DiCaprio!), so for whatever's left is inspirational in its own special subconscious way. Blur, The Beatles, Bridget and socks in sandals 4ever!

Ps. I would say this post is a good example how people are not trying to pretend to be someone else online. I mean otherwise this would be an update on how I read Ulysses at the age of five in a foreign language and it altered my whole life course (sorry not sorry Mr Joyce).
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