Time Out Sunday


I once read somewhere that once you hit your 30s (age according to passport, not some kind of personal fashion phase inspired by the 1930s) you should give up on posters and such on walls and invest into some "real" art. Oh, I don't know about it - if we turn our homes into art galleries then what are we gonna do at real art galleries and museums?! (sour grapes much?!)

Posters, postcards, "random" pieces of cardboard and craft paper - so my home is more like a museum shop than a museum and I'm loving it. (Disclaimer: If I had unlimited funds and a mansion then I'd go for all this "real" art thing, totally!) Some of my favourite souvenirs are cool looking business cards from different cafes/coffee stands I have visited. Instant trip down (coffee filled) memory line at almost no cost. And some pancakes to go with it on a weekend morning.

Other than that there's some massive disco vibe in da house. Foremost thanks to this amazing piece of greatness/madness:

The whole movie is also available on Youtube and yes, yes you should! I mean at your own risk, of course.

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