Irish Blue

Derry, Northern Ireland, May 2016
If I were one of them people who creates pictures with (allegedly) inspirational quotes it would read something like that: "We look at the same world, but with different eyes." But I am not one of them people. However, I am one of them people (wait, what, there are more?!) who thinks that 'rat green' is like totally a colour. Rat green comes from my first year at school. We had those Math exercise books that had a picture of rats in it and for some reason they were dark navy green.

Derry, Northern Ireland, May 2016
And now I am adding 'Irish blue' to the line up (it's a very short line, yes). During my trip to Ireland I noticed that they have a lot of blue cars - just like that one in the photo above. More than round here, for sure. So these days when I spot a car (or something else) of similar blue shade I automatically shout in my mind: "Oh, Irish blue!"

Derry, Northern Ireland, May 2016
It hadn't occurred to my friends in Ireland that they have a lot... a lot!... of blue cars. Like probably most people don't think that rats can be green. Yet we all look at the same world, live in the same world. And I am halfway of becoming one of them inspirational quotations people. ;)

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