Manhattan, New York City, USA, March 2016

There are many reasons why I would make a ghastly movie critic. One of them being that my criteria for (dis)liking something is highly subjective (I'm gonna be ignorant for a moment and pretend that "real critics" hold some secret objective powers) and based on (seemingly) random bits of my life. So, the movie 'Genius' is absolutely fabulous if like me you love Jude Law, Colin Firth and New York City. And on top of that the moment they show Scribner's Sons building on Manhattan you have this flash back of running down 5th Avenue and snapping a photo on the go thinking that if 5th Avenue wasn't so commercial and packed with disorientated tourists (I'm never one... or am I) it would be fabulous (you know in that distant flawless past when everything looked so glamorous).

Imagine all those great American writers walking in and out of those doors. You know, in that dazzling pre-Sephora era when everyone looked like a movie star.

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