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Irish Blue

Derry, Northern Ireland, May 2016
If I were one of them people who creates pictures with (allegedly) inspirational quotes it would read something like that: "We look at the same world, but with different eyes." But I am not one of them people. However, I am one of them people (wait, what, there are more?!) who thinks that 'rat green' is like totally a colour. Rat green comes from my first year at school. We had those Math exercise books that had a picture of rats in it and for some reason they were dark navy green.

Derry, Northern Ireland, May 2016
And now I am adding 'Irish blue' to the line up (it's a very short line, yes). During my trip to Ireland I noticed that they have a lot of blue cars - just like that one in the photo above. More than round here, for sure. So these days when I spot a car (or something else) of similar blue shade I automatically shout in my mind: "Oh, Irish blue!"

Derry, Northern Ireland, May 2016
It hadn't occurred to my friends in Ireland that they have a lot... a lot!... of blue cars. Like probably most people don't think that rats can be green. Yet we all look at the same world, live in the same world. And I am halfway of becoming one of them inspirational quotations people. ;)


Hey Hey Hey

I have walked yellow fields that smell like coconut...
Yes, that's how it goes. One photo up at an exhibition and the waves of fame just washed over me and I moved on to life beyond this place here. (What a feeble attempt at trying to be funny, but at least I tried - riiight?!) Anyhow, the month of May just flew by and suddenly winter turned into summer (ah yes, we skip spring round here, pretty much so).

Cake-cake-cake! I was ever so lucky to visit my very dear friend in Northern Ireland and yes, on top of everything she's also a magic cake creator! The ultimate luxury holiday - to spend some time at a friend's place and just take it easy, meet their friends&family and new discover beautiful wonderful places. One of my preferred modes of travel come to think of it. :) And I kinda enjoy taking photos of the daily life - at least at someone else's house. Partly 'cos it's really complicated for example to iron and take photos at the same time with the same hand. So while my hostess was busy beeing around I loitered around with a camera in my hand. ;)

I have this whole pile of photos from Dublin and Northern Ireland to share you with you guys as well as soooo many travel photos from past years that need to be edited and shared. No point in having piles of files hidden somewhere. Moreover, I have this dream of ordering prints. Lots of prints! In that spirit I have abandoned the 52 week challenge for now. While I do love weekly and daily challenges then I also feel like my heart is not in it. At all. And unless we're talking taxes here then go with your heart, that's what I always say (no I don't).  

Okay, time to come clean. I am really posting these cake making photos from my friend's house to motivate myself to turn off the computer and spend some time in the kitchen. Have a whole pile of rhubarb and it's time for rhubarb pie! #iheartrhubarb

Ps. I am absolutely in love with Ireland - you can see some (and then some) photos on Instagram, just click here.