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Week 16: Portrait/Movement

How sneaky am I?! (Insert mischievous laughter here.) Week 16 was time to shoot movement in a portrait, but I had already done it for week 4! I totally feel like a kid who legally cheated in school work or something. (: However, I have so much love for those photos and I had been meaning to share them with you sooner or later, so the assignment was just a lucky coincidence.

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.

Week 15: Metal

Sometimes it's impossibly hard to overcome my innerness (yeah, it's a thing; we can discuss it over a hot beverage if you wish) and actually take a camera in my hand and shoot the weekly assignment. Long overdue here's my input for something metal for week 15. Frantically thrown together in the kitchen.  Here I am singing along to Cyndi Lauper (it's smashing, surely) and letting the world know that I own a metal Moomin mug. Happy Monday!

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.

Green-Wood Cemetery

Let me tell you a secret - Green-Wood Cemetery should totally be on your tourist check list when visiting New York. Wait, no, I take that back... because one of the charms of the place is the calmness and quiet you find there with a view over Manhattan skyline.

So apparently anything's possible. Like I have become one of those people who finds it perfectly normal to pop into a graveyard before 10 am on a Saturday morning. And just to wander around not to visit anyone's grave I might have known. On a side note: It might have been triggered also by the fact that all the museums and flea markets etc didn't open early enough and I the idea of wasting time during my one weekend in New York... just not acceptable. So I browsed locations within walking distance from my targets for the day (Brooklyn flea, Brooklyn museum, Park Slope etc). Jackpot, I tell you. Also, so much love for Google maps. I heart modern times as much as all the "junk" at flea markets.

Fun fact (not visible in photos): little green parrot-like birds had made nests on top of the gate. That automatically reminded me of all the storks who had occupied similar locations back in Extremadura, Spain. Basically the same thing (unless you're an ornithologist).

So, back in March Green-Wood Cemetery was filled with sunlight, birds singing, magnolias and other blossoms. An occasional human could be seen (alive and running), but other than that I was all on my own (and the folk six feet under, obviously). It all looked like an American movie (hey-hello Hollywood film makers, you have occupied my mind).


Week 14: Zoomed In Landscape

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.

Shooting Film

Last week I was standing next to a group of teenagers at a concert. They were psyched over their toy and vintage cameras. One of them curious wondrous weird cameras was Konica Pop. One girl had it and the others admired - they had not seen such a thing before. It's like without focus and all the proud owner exclaimed. 

Konica Pop was my first camera and I only got it what feels like yesterday. I concluded that I must about 254 years old (but oh boy, have I aged well or what; you could hardly tell). So in celebration of pre-digital age I am sharing some of the photos I shot on expired Ilford Delta 400 film (not using Konica Pop tho) in New York. I hardly ever shoot film. It leaves me with too little control and I kinda love the modern digital times. However, I do own film cameras, because I did exist in pre-digital world and I love the moment of surprise/devastation when you collect your photos from the lab. It's almost like traveling in time. 

New York, you sexy beast of a city!

Tallinn Music Week

Last week was Tallinn Music Week time and while I decided to keep a low profile and not to "kill" myself trying to see everything (in general I am greedy like that) I still caught ten live performances, attended a talk and visited couple of galleries. Not to mention I tried all official ice-cream flavours. Ice-cream and music! I scream ice-cream! Yes.

I totally fell in love with the light and vibe at Me and My Drummer's afternoon set. Mother Nature can at times be so good with stage lighting.

One of the extra cool things about Tallinn Music Week is that there are such different and at times perhaps a bit unexpected venues. Like this tiny bicycle shop filled with  the smell of rubber and sweat. Oh and also wonderful Soniamiki

And last, but not least one of my favourite Estonian live bands - Lexsoul Dancemachine. Yes, on top of a bus and defeating the gloomy emotionless Nordic stereotype 101%.

Here's to spring! 

Week 13: High Key Portrait

I'm taking part in Dogwood Photography's 52 week challenge this year. Find out more here.