Tallinn Music Week


Last week was Tallinn Music Week time and while I decided to keep a low profile and not to "kill" myself trying to see everything (in general I am greedy like that) I still caught ten live performances, attended a talk and visited couple of galleries. Not to mention I tried all official ice-cream flavours. Ice-cream and music! I scream ice-cream! Yes.

I totally fell in love with the light and vibe at Me and My Drummer's afternoon set. Mother Nature can at times be so good with stage lighting.

One of the extra cool things about Tallinn Music Week is that there are such different and at times perhaps a bit unexpected venues. Like this tiny bicycle shop filled with  the smell of rubber and sweat. Oh and also wonderful Soniamiki

And last, but not least one of my favourite Estonian live bands - Lexsoul Dancemachine. Yes, on top of a bus and defeating the gloomy emotionless Nordic stereotype 101%.

Here's to spring! 
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