Shooting Film


Last week I was standing next to a group of teenagers at a concert. They were psyched over their toy and vintage cameras. One of them curious wondrous weird cameras was Konica Pop. One girl had it and the others admired - they had not seen such a thing before. It's like without focus and all the proud owner exclaimed. 

Konica Pop was my first camera and I only got it what feels like yesterday. I concluded that I must about 254 years old (but oh boy, have I aged well or what; you could hardly tell). So in celebration of pre-digital age I am sharing some of the photos I shot on expired Ilford Delta 400 film (not using Konica Pop tho) in New York. I hardly ever shoot film. It leaves me with too little control and I kinda love the modern digital times. However, I do own film cameras, because I did exist in pre-digital world and I love the moment of surprise/devastation when you collect your photos from the lab. It's almost like traveling in time. 

New York, you sexy beast of a city!
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