Time Out Sunday


Here I am - it's that sweet spot when summer is closing in, but eternal winter darkness hasn't numbed everything, not yet. So, it's the perfect time to share a pile of photos - a true blast from the past sprinkled with some contemporary art ("fugacity"). 

Linnahall is this soviet era event venue that is permanently closed (excepted some pop-up moments like this exhibition). To my surprise it closed only in 2010 as my own memories are from the 1990s. I remember it from a kid's perspective. It was so huge and grand... and now it felt so small. But damn, so very photogenic. A perfect weekend treat. Especially now that trams are running again and accessing places is slightly less of an apocalyptic field trip. 

It's been a good summer, I have so much to share. Also a summer when my primary (travel) camera was my iPhone. It sounds like nothing, but it's huge. 

This week it's been Taylor on my LP player and Bleachers streaming when watching the full moon:

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