Time Out Sunday


Memories from last weekend. Can I resist a cute trinket? But of course not...  and that moment when an Instax photo looks more than you had hoped for. A long weekend in Riga, Latvia. Love this city <3 It's all too easy to forget that living in Tallinn I do have some of the coolest cities at my fingertips for a quick escape. (yes, looking at you Helsinki and Riga!) In other news. It's March! Lighter, brighter... and of course snowier. It's election week. (don't get me started) Oh and I went to Ikea. That's always a treat, especially as we didn't use to have Ikea in Estonia until recently. Hej, Perjohan, Vattenkar & Bastua! I just watched The National perform "Tropic Morning News" on The Tonight Show. Made me miss seeing them live. Fits my terribly nostalgia filled mood that has been looming over me recently. That's a wrap (:

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