Time Out Sunday


Okay, so it's either or. Either cocooning on a sofa for most of the time or what feels like most of the time. You know that time that's left from sleeping and working and could be used for... something terribly instagrammable. Tbf, my sofa is instagrammable (and more supportive than any inspirational quote). 

Then there are those other type of weeks. Like this one. On Monday I was in Berlin having currywurst for breakfast. Tonight it shall be cups of tea and binging on "Father Brown". In Tallinn. And everything I love in between - new places, new faces, old places and old faces, jokes and conversations. Flying into the moonrise. A schlager blasting all over a street in Berlin: che-che-che guevara. Confusing a security guard who called me 'miss', but felt that had to say 'missis' once he saw my ID. (but he was adorably confused; and how dumb are labels and titles, right) Oh and using an analogue photo booth (nerd alert!).

My sofa may consume me at times, but traveling keeps me alive. And then there's everything in between. Like a second cup of coffee and Lucy Dacus playing. Drizzle and golden trees outside my window. In my armchair (that has made an appearance on this blog previously). I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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