Time Out Sunday


First things first. This not some kind of statement piece to prove that days and weeks and time in general have lost its meaning. There's always meaning, sometimes it's merely more 'meh'. It's just that I got carried away doing other things on Sunday (and the fact that some of the photos in blog posts have been replaced by error messages was a downer... like what gives, blogger, why did you break?!) So, here I am on Monday. BUT. But I have missed my 'Time Out Sunday' posts.

So, last week photos on paper got organised! And the ones that ended up in so called 'trial and error' pile got some makeover. But more on that some other time. (I might have found a new hobby that would have made me rich a 100 years ago, haha :)

I finally managed to finish reading a book and how very appropriate. What did I learn? I downloaded iNaturalist app and identified that my current favourite bird ever is Eurasian oystercatcher (they have appeared at local beach and the way they run!). Cool critter of the month sounds so appropriate.

(Notice how my home office matches the only book I've finished reading in the past weeks, aye) And drumroll... Netflix favourite is 'Most Beautiful Thing' - bossa, Rio, kick-ass women and extremely beautiful 1950s aesthetics. I am so time-traveling to open my own club and swim in the sea and be all cool.

Something new and beautiful from one of my all time favourites - James Blake:

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