Somehow Berkeley is connected to The O.C. (the TV-series from early 2000s) in my head.* (Also, yes, I am fully aware that UC Berkeley is one of the top universities.) Anyhow, there I was taking a morning BART away from San Francisco (the opposite of most others on the go). I had even signed up for a campus tour. 

Oh boy, I think campus tours are my new favourite thing (I have too many favourite things to be fair). Not necessarily because I am that interested in the campus history, but because of the people participating. Other tourists, yes, but also people looking into applying. Kids and their parents. From the U.S. and elsewhere. So, yes, it's pretty much like in the movies. I mean, if you're a Gilmore Girls junkie like me then it's just like whatever you have seen there. ;D I felt such a relief that I do not have to apply for any schools. Nor have kids that wanna go to any schools (side note: if I did have kids they would have to go to bunch of schools; I'd be the nutty mom surely). Btw, doesn't the following photo remind (some of you) the University of Tartu?! All in all, UC Berkeley campus is a great mix of architectural styles. 

But in this point of my life I could just take photos, drink chai latte with espresso from Peet's and be happy that the wild fires ravishing California at the time had not canceled my tour. Shallow and carefree. Sometimes, yes, that happens and I am not sorry. Ps. Even though there were tons of people at UC Berkeley campus it was SO quiet there. Just people in motion. Ps. Ps. In one of the campus photos there's also Golden Gate Bridge present (visible... perhaps not in this size). 

What else did Berkeley hold? Some excellent beers at Fieldwork brewery (work at your local brewery is the new work at your local coffee house; all hail!); the most cheerful: "Have a fantastic day, ladies and gentlemen!" being heard over speakers every time someone got off BART. Oh and one bus driver just shouted to me: "I love your shirt!" (I take my compliments with pride under the Californian sun.)

I bought a Mexican straw hat (because I love traveling with difficult things) and a California T-shirt (my name is Kaisa and I am a tourist). Also, look, there's this thing they always have on farms in movies!    

PS. Here are posts about my brief encounters with Yale and Harvard.

* Had to put Death Cab for Cutie on. 'No Sunlight' is highly appropriate in this day and age in Helsinki, Finland.
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