Vallisaari and the Truth


Muting a story on TV about sleep deprivation among adults (and simultaneously pretending not to be sleepy most of the day) while I dive into blogosphere (really, diving is the verb I wanna use here?!). I am eager to share the world altering (lies! lies!) realisation I had. Ever so often when I see something that offers me a long-ish lasting enjoyment in real life I am not too thrilled about the photos of the same view, event, situation...  at best it's decent enough. (And sometimes that's all one needs.)

However, the small, often rash moments taken along from walks and observations can easily turn into personal favourites of mine as photos. It's like I have a sweet spot for the visual underdog. (Maybe I just don't have the patience for the majestic, for the larger than life... fair enough.)

So, Vallisaari - an island that is just the best for a weekend hike (using the word loosely) in Helsinki, Finland. There I was some weeks ago sitting on a bench with a friend and chatting and watching the sailboats. It was the best.  

But I mean, how much do I love the photo of this rusty door. This light leak! (Yes, very much.)

The decay on old walls.

The playgrounds for miniature dinosaurs. (It could be a thing.)

This is me smugly thinking that I am living in the moment (...) and taking those extra moments to go. That's like living in the moment on steroids. I win? (Wait, no, there was no competition... just this one time when I'm winning. Typical.)

To conclude - happy September, folks! 
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