For the Love of Books


New York 2017
So there I was. Thinking I'm gonna make this absolutely smashing blog update about books. Real life books. How much I love books that I can touch and feel (side note: I do own a Kindle). Gonna sprinkle the love with some strong visual. Bookstores, for love's sake! I save them on Google maps and linger between the shelves. Late night cheap purchases after a drink or two are the best, right (no, I have no time to read all the books that pile up around me).

New York 2015
But then the ugly truth sank in. Apparently I have more photos of cookies laid out neatly at big windows in historic towns. 

Barcelona 2009
And hams hangin' about at meat markets.

Oviedo 2019
And housekeeping supplies taking over. Literally. I mean, just look at that. 

New York 2017
I can stand by the love of cookies and meat, but by all means I am not one known for passionate cleaning and tidying. Not only that  there's a severe lack of books and book stores in my photo library, but the photos I do own kind of give the wrong (or perhaps very honest) impression of my feelings towards books. Art books - the best speaker stands you could wish for,  they make your sporadic CD collection feel #socultured. (Disclaimer: using the word sporadic felt fancy, despite everything.)

Madrid 2011
Or yours truly just cheerfully loitering at her casa in Madrid. Some books in the background. (Photo mostly shared here, so I could be all like... look, it's me, I used to live the southern dream!) 

Madrid 2014
Surely I can do better than that? I should. Because after all this blog update idea (that went down the drain in no time) was initiated by the excitement at a bookstore earlier today when I bought three books as a gift (no worries, none of them are for you; but one might be for you, yes you!) and got a discount and a little stamp card that. Every eighth paperback for free. I can see how that leads me straight on the verge of a rabbit hole (because hello, I do not live in a library...  and obviously I also need excessive space for storing cookies and ham). And of course no bunny pics at hand, but then again - look how cute this koala is (hygge-season here we go). 

Vienna 2007
To conclude, no Kindle can replace paper in my sometimes old-fashioned (not to say vintage) life. And I promise to aspire for more meaningful bookstore and reading photos. Because after all - if there are no photos, none of it exists.

Ps. Or perhaps the solution lies in acquiring a vast collection of books on ham. (Kiddin'! Just kiddin'! Do not add books about ham for Kaisa on your Xmas shopping list!)

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