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Time Out Sunday

Many Mondays are blue, but some are a full on rainbow feast! This Monday I was somewhere between Rome and Termoli having the privilege to ride shotgun. The most magnificent rainbow I had ever seen... just around a corner. I suppose that's what they call the WOW effect. Five days hitting the road in Southern Italy. Those short road trips are like intense power shots (you know, like 'em fancy super food smoothie madness shots they sell at crazy prices at juice bars). So much in such a short time! 

Ps. The rainbow kept following us for a while and yes, there was a moment when we could see small mountain town under a full rainbow arch!  

Ps. Ps. Current state of emotional-religious self-identification: catholic atheist. (What a pretentious conversation opening; goes excellent alongside with death and Adidas tracksuits.) So, here's some wonderful music to go with all the feels. 


Time Out Sunday / Alice Austen

Weeks round here tend to get emotional, so it seems safer to time travel into equally emotional, yet far more inspirational places. (Does the b&w editing look dramatic enough?! Throw in a pair of squeaking floor boards and a drum roll.)

Given opportunity I like to pick a part of city and just roam the streets peeking into people's back yards and such. To have some focus I google what's on the sightseeing radar. Staten Island had been on my bucket list and it turned out that there's a house museum of someone called Alice Austen - a female (street) photographer from the late 19th century. I was sold. Sunny ferry ride, one of the oldest homes in New York City, calm beautiful views over Manhattan and ships. All that and more in one go. Oh yeah, and did I mention - all the crowds went in the opposite direction. (Clap your hands, say yeah!)

She took photos that were ahead of her time. She could have easily been one of the photographers included in the photo history books representing her time. You can see some of her photos here. She knew her camera, she knew her darkroom and she had a helluva time. She took some sharp photos (literally and not so literally). One (yes, including me) shall only hope to have enough sharp (mental) images of one's own. Just enough to stay true (and a little bit extra for an occasional rebellion). On that deep and self-reflective note I shall call it a day. And not just any day, but holiday-yay! (Yes, I am on holiday and it feels fabulous.)

Time Out Sunday

Hello, autumn, hello-hello! I must say that some things never change - when I got a message today telling that the teacher is sick and the class in cancelled then I felt... yes, exactly like when a class was cancelled when I was 7 or 12 or 22! (Side note: it's only a three day course and it had been lovely; the reaction is in no way connected to the course itself.) So yes, yes I felt very excited. (In case that wasn't obvious.)

A day with no plans, perfect sunny weather and one of my favourite cities just here. In my ultimate comfy clothes (that I could have easily been wearing when 7, 12 or 22) I roamed the streets, visited a flea market, two museums and some bookstores. Just like that. No socialisation (almost). I took a bunch of photos with a "real" camera. It had been too long, summer had faded too fast. I am never too good at using the light in summer to take photos. I have to "struggle" through darker times somehow. (I smell and a deep and meaningful update in this regard in the future... or do I.)

Anyhow, here is one reason photography is in my life. My camera lets me see things differently, in ways my mortal human eye never could. My beloved eyes did not see the amazing colourful shapes, they saw this.

It's not a particularly inspiring "this", now is it. Not from where I am looking at least. (Let's discuss why I needed to choose the  backstage then, aye... or not.) Here's a thank you to my dear friend Mari for inviting me to Korkeasaari Zoo during Kissojen Yö events and reminding me to bring my camera. So I could create memories that have colour and then some!

On that happy note (that prepares you for a blue Monday; colour reference) I shall stop. Or I would go on in great lengths about JH Engström, virtual reality and the meaning of life. Oh and sausages and red velvet cake. And how "Gossip Girl" might be a documentary after all. Just you know in real life everyone looked mediocre at best and there was always chewing gum on the museum stairs.